Survival Gadgets

Be ready for anything when you head for adventures in Mother Nature. Great Outdoors Camping Gear. Best Survival Gadgets.

Survival gadgets are tools or devices that can help you in difficult situations, in self-defense, camping, resisting adverse weather situations, etc.

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter for Hiking, Camping, Travel, and Emergency Preparedness.
Removes Bacteria & Parasites: The Microfiltration Membrane Removes 99.999999% Of Waterborne Bacteria (Including E. Coli And Salmonella), And 99.999% Of Waterborne Parasites (Including Giardia And Cryptosporidium)
Removes Microplastics: Removes The Smallest Microplastics Found In The Environment (Down To 1 Micron), And Reduces Turbidity Down To 0.2 Microns.
Long Lifetime: The Microbiological Filter Will Provide 4,000 Liters (1,000 Gallons) Of Clean And Safe Drinking Water With Proper Use And Maintenance.

Solar/Rechargeable Multi Function 1000 Lumens LED Flashlight.
Powerful, with Emergency Strobe Light and 1200 Mah Battery. Emergency Power Supply and USB Charging Cable. Fast Charging.
It has usb output function, which can be used as power bank to provide emergency power for yoursmartphone. In the case of full charge, 8-15 hours of lighting can be provided from time to time depending on the mode of use.
Equiped with solar charging board.

Fire Starter Survival Tool - Waterproof, Windproof, Long Burning Time. 
Fire Starters for Campfires Emergency (50 Fire Plugs Set / 2 Pcs Wick Hemp Rope Set).
Fire Starter Kit: You will receive a fire starter survival tool, which includes a magnesium rod with braided rope and steel striker, two wick hemp cords, and a multifunctional outdoor bag. The kit contains everything you need to start a fire, and It is a practical outdoor activity accessory.
Ignite Quickly: Our rod is mainly made of high-quality magnesium, which will produce intense sparks when struck by a striker. So it can Ignite your tinder quickly. In addition, it will work even in very humid environments.

FlexSolar 20W Portable Solar Panel Chargers QC3.0 18W USB-A DC Output.
Foldable Small Power Emergency ETFE Panels IP67 Waterproof. Camping Backpacking Hiking for Cell Phone Power Banks, Flashlight.
Higher solar conversion.
quipped with a quick charge USB-A (5V/3A,9V/2A,max 12V/1.5A) and DC((19V/1.1A) smart output ports to directly connect and charge your cell phones (Android and apple),smartwatches, power banks,rechargeable light for camping and other small electronic devices in sunlight. It is perfect for outdoor emergency power.Note: the solar panel charger can't store the electricity and unable to be used at night the size of dc port is 5.5*2.1mm.

Safe Sound Personal Alarm –130dB Loud Siren with Strobe LED Light.
Flashlight with Emergency Whistle - Safe Sound Device, Hand Held Safety Siren Help Elders/Kids Emergency Call.
Well-made safety siren adopt the design of front back double speaker and light button, which is absolutely different from other's alarm on the market. When threatened, just pull the pin to activate Loud siren and flashing LED light to create a diversion and to help deter an attack. Press the light button, you will get a flashlight for use on dark night running.130 dB alarm can be heard up 1000 feet away, effectively scare attackers in danger and seek people around for help.
Easy to use, to activate remove top pin.
Equipped With high-intensity LED Lights and alarm, the deafening sound and high-intensity light creates diversion, gets attention, and helps you flee in times of emergencies. Suitable for students, elderly, children, women, night workers and so on.

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