Gadgets for Camping

Small Folding Table and Stool

Adjustable Height, Camping Table That Fold Up. Four different colors to choose.
The table is 49 cm high. The stool is 18 cm high.


CAMPROS CP 3 Person Tent

Dome Tent for Camping, Waterproof Windproof, for three persons. Four colors to choose. Material: polyester.
Roomy interior: 7 x 7 ft with 47in center height spacious room for 3 adults. Fits 1 queen-size mattress.
Weather protection: High-tech coating material with sealed seams and waterproof strip guarantees water-resistant.
Easy setup: No particular skills needed, 2 people could set up the tent easily in 5 min.  

5 Gallon Summer Shower

Construction - 4-ply construction with reflector panel and insulator panel for optimized heat retention and performance.
Capacity - This summer shower has a large 5-gallon capacity and is designed to heat water fast in the warm sun.

Inflatable Sleeping Pad

Built-in Pump, fast inflation (20 seconds). Two colors to choose. Nylon, Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU).
ust Want to sleep comfortably anywhere? MOXILS sleeping pad innovation design is made special with body mapping technology.No need to suffer with a cheap, flimsy, and undersized outdoor sleeping pad! This quality portable camping pad is perfect,great sturdy and super comfortable - great for any sleep position!

Rechargeable Mosquito Killer

This one is portable and can be used for camping. It has an internal battery that can be charged via USB. After that, it will last for several hours.
The camping bug zapper can emit UV light to attract flies and kill them.
You can easily switch from mosquito killer, spotlight and floodlight, which can attract the attention of flying creatures and help you kill them, and it can also provide you with light if you get lost.

Rechargeable, Solar Lanterns

2 Pack (two lanterns). Patented 3 Power Sources Design: Solar/USB Rechargeable/AA Battery Powered Lantern. This camping lantern have 3 ways power supply. With a built-in 18650 battery, you can use the included USB cable or the solar panel or 3x AA battery to power the solar lantern. Never need worry about running out of batteries for your LED lantern.
Ultra bright light. The powerful upgraded COB LED design of the rechargeable lantern offers 360-degree blazing illumination that far outshines the standard 30 LED lantern. This solar lantern emits 600lumens illumination, which can light up an entire room. This rechargeable lantern can deliver up to 12+ hours. Never leave you in sudden darkness. 

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter for Hiking, Camping, Travel, and Emergency Preparedness.
Removes Bacteria & Parasites: The Microfiltration Membrane Removes 99.999999% Of Waterborne Bacteria (Including E. Coli And Salmonella), And 99.999% Of Waterborne Parasites (Including Giardia And Cryptosporidium)
Removes Microplastics: Removes The Smallest Microplastics Found In The Environment (Down To 1 Micron), And Reduces Turbidity Down To 0.2 Microns.
Long Lifetime: The Microbiological Filter Will Provide 4,000 Liters (1,000 Gallons) Of Clean And Safe Drinking Water With Proper Use And Maintenance.

Fire Starter Survival Tool - Waterproof, Windproof, Long Burning Time. 
Fire Starters for Campfires Emergency (50 Fire Plugs Set / 2 Pcs Wick Hemp Rope Set).
Fire Starter Kit: You will receive a fire starter survival tool, which includes a magnesium rod with braided rope and steel striker, two wick hemp cords, and a multifunctional outdoor bag. The kit contains everything you need to start a fire, and It is a practical outdoor activity accessory.
Ignite Quickly: Our rod is mainly made of high-quality magnesium, which will produce intense sparks when struck by a striker. So it can Ignite your tinder quickly. In addition, it will work even in very humid environments.

No need for gas, uses solar reflected light. Parabolic mirror designed to focus the sun's radiant energy to a precise focal point with super high temperature. Material: Plastic + Aluminum.
This is a mini portable Solar Spark Lighter that can start a fire with outdoor solar sunshine easily and quickly. Free and safe fire for camping, hunting, climber.

 Silvio Guerrinha

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