Gadgets for Beauty and Wellness

Gadgets are electronic devices that can help us improve various aspects of our beauty, skin quality, alleviate signs of aging and provide well being.

High Frequency Wands

High frequency wands use low electric currents to oxygenate the skin.
High frequency wands have anti-aging and anti-inflammatory benefits, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, promote circulation and collagen production, and more.

Titoe High Frequency Facial Wand Multi-Function Face Device Machine for Face Care.

Includes an plastic handle, English manual, 4Pcs Tube. Four glass tubes for multiple uses in different parts,This over time to give you effective results.
Portable and easy to use.  

Face and Neck Massager

7-in-1 Skin Care Tools, Face Care, Face Neck Massager for Skin Care Routine at Home.
This multifunctional face neck massager has 7 light modes that can improve various skin problems and keep youth & health of skin .
With 113ºF heating, this face sculpting tool will promotes better and faster absorption of skin so that it can soothe your skin, increase skin elasticity and softness, and maintain healthy glowing skin. The "clean" mode can clear the pores and keep your skin clean and glow. The second mode can relax your skin, and help your skin absorb skin care products. The "hot" mode can soothe your skin with comfortable heat. Led therapy: 7 colors.

Radio Frequency EMS Facial Device

Use an anti-aging skin care device, light therapy for wrinkles, and a high frequency face massager with EMS.
5 IN 1 Skincare device - Refresh, balance, and enhance your natural glow with 5 of the most popular beauty powers right now. To improve the appearance of the face and neck by lifting, sculpting, and reducing puffiness. Two colors of light (red and blue) - Take advantage of adjustable light technology to pamper your face and neck and enhance your natural glow.
Radiofrequency into the dermis skin layer to build collagen naturally and repair elastin.
The vibration massage is designed to relax facial muscles and reduce puffiness. EMS mode can eliminate edema, reduce wrinkles, lift the skin, and make your face firmer and refined.

Face V line Massager

Face V Line Tape Massager Device Soft Fabric Jawline Exerciser, Facial Strap V Line Mask Lifting Belt V Face Lifting Mask Gift for Women.
The V line Mask is made with premium materials, including 75.7% Nylon and 24.3% Spandex, providing comfort and breathability for all skin types.
Light and head to improve blood circulation, reducing fat accumulation.
Use the V face mask for 15-30 minutes daily for maximum results.
It eliminates double chin, firms face skin and neck skin, provides face lifting.

LIARTY Led therapy Mask

This one is ideal because it is cordless, portable, and can be used anywhere. It has an internal battery and charges via USB.
The mask is made of ABS material that is odorless, anti-break, and durable. It has 270 leds.
It has seven color modes, with wavelengths, for different effects and results. 

Pore Vacuum Device

These vacuums make the process of unclogging pores and clearing skin a lot faster and easier.
Super Powerful Suction: The maximum suction power of 69Kpa is three times that of ordinary products, making it effective in removing blackheads, whiteheads, and dead skin, as well as treating acne, grease, and makeup residues.
Adjustable Suction Levels: With five different suction levels, it can be used on different skin types and conditions. Levels 1-3 are suitable for sensitive, dry, and normal skin, while levels 4-5 are designed for mixed and oily skin.

Cavitation Machine


4 in 1 Body Machine Body Multifunctional Beauty Salon Machine.
FDA approved. It acts as a esculpting massager with Leds and ultrasonic vibrations, increases blood flow and circulation.
Promotes healthier skin. Reduces cellulite.
Be advised, there are cheaper cavitation machines (between $39 and $59), but these are weak. I tested some and they didn't produce results.

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