Consoles and VR Headsets for Gaming

Here are some VR Headsets that I will talk about on this page.

There are wired headsets, which may offer better performance, but they will need to be connected to the laptop, which must be equipped with a top-notch graphics card, etc.

There are some wired headsets over $1000, like the HTC Vive.

Apple released the "Apple Vision Pro" but it is costly (over $3000). The prices of wired headsets remain expensive, the Vale Index is around $999 and the HTC Vive Pro is around $899. There is another standalone VR Headset, which is the Chinese DPVR, but the price is almost the same as the "Meta Quest 3" so you might as well buy the Quest 3.

Therefore, I will focus on the most affordable ones, which work standalone (they have an internal battery), in which case there are some models on the market, such as the Skyworth and the Pico 4 and the Quest 3, which I consider to be the best.

Of all the standalone VR headsets I tested, my favorite is the Quest 3, for its performance, resolution (almost real 4K), and other factors. The price is also similar to the average, $499.

The Meta Quest 3 is the best mainstream VR headset currently available thanks to its improved pass-through experience from the Quest 2, rich catalog of games and services, and near-untouchable performance. There are meaningful hardware upgrades and notable software updates in Quest 3. It is much more compact and comfortable.

You can also transfer movies from your computer to the headset using a USB-C cable and adapter. Good for watching movies.

Display: LCD with 2064×2208 pixels per eye, 120Hz refresh rate. Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 Gen2. RAM/Storage: 8 GB with 128 GB or 512 GB.  Tracker/Sensors: Six advanced camera sensors with high-res color mixed reality, two RGB camera with 18ppd. FOV: Field of View, near 102º.

Pancake Lenses:

The new revolution for the Meta Quest 3 are known as pancake lenses - an evocative name that gets the point of what they do differently across. They're very slender lenses, basically - which lops a huge amount of the depth off the front of the headset.

Another good way to play VR games is to use the PlayStation VR 2 headset.

Although it will be necessary to invest a little more (the PlayStation 5 console costs around $500) and the PlayStation VR2 headset another $500. It is a worthwhile investment for the gaming experience, as the fluidity and speed of the gaming experience and the high definition resolution are unmatched.

The PS VR2 headset screen is dual OLED, with a "4K" display resolution and 90 Hz/120 Hz refresh rate. Each display has a resolution of 2,000 x 2,040 pixels and also supports HDR.

Boasting twin-OLED screens, 4K visuals, updated and redesigned controllers, intelligent eye-tracking and 3D audio, it's the most advanced console VR yet.

The graphics in PlayStation VR games are amazing. The PS VR2 headset has a 110º field of view.

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